With the rapid advancement of technology in our daily lives, education has progressed from traditionaland tried-and-tested methods to innovative and equally effective approaches. e-Learning, which falls under the umbrella of Educational Technology and Creative Information Technology is a move towards embracing the digital age through the digitization of learning materials and adapting burgeoning technologies to reach learners through more mobile and portable media.


The bustle of a highly advanced society creates wastes that pose as great risks for the future generations. On the other hand, finite resources such as coal and petroleum are rapidly diminishing, and experts say these fossil fuel derivatives are bound to run out in the near future. What better way to approach this looming threat of an energy crisis than to find sustainable ways to power our industries?


Alongside the rapid modernization of the country toward a more industrialized economy, we believe that agriculture is still one of the most economically viable pursuits. We marvel at the natural endowments at the soil and the countryside, and we are moving towards a renewed interest in food production, fair and ethical farming practices and universally sustainable trade.