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With the rapid advancement of technology in our daily lives, education has progressed from traditional and tried-and-tested methods to innovative and equally effective approaches. e-Learning, which falls under the umbrella of Educational Technology and Creative Information Technology is a move towards embracing the digital age through the digitization of learning materials and adapting burgeoning technologies to reach learners through more mobile and portable media.

Mediamatics PH, WBagadion’s e-Learning arm is one of the Philippine’s pioneering firms in the field of game-fied learning, edutainment tools and widely accessible learning objects. In its thirteen-year history, Mediamatics PH has served many international clients and have won for these partners many prestigious awards and recognitions. Mediamatics PH is constantly reinventing itself through relentless attention to development and up-and-coming technological evolutions. We believe in Strategic Transformations (link this to the motto/About Us page of Mediamatics), and we strive to come up with products and services that keep you abreast withthe world’s evolving e-Learning trends.

Interactive Media

Companies, businesses, and educational institutions find that innovative solutions such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), computer-based learning and interactive learning objects are creating more possibilities in the ease and efficiency of training and dissemination of information. Mediamatics’s Interactive Media line, including different types of learning engines and methods of delivery, have been used by top Philippine corporations and schools to add value to traditional classroom instruction. Interactive Media makes use of groundbreaking tools and systems to foster inclusive, accessible and fun learning while maintaining effectiveness through reaching key performance indicators.

Gamified Learning

The future of learning is in combining entertainment, graphics, animation and games in a seamless and effective approach. Mediamatics creates a variety of learning objects and applications that fuse excellent curriculum development, graphic design, background music, sound effects and voice-overs to promote discovering new information through pleasurable and more exciting platforms. With our expertise in instructional design, we are able to create entertaining games that impart measurable and quantifiable learning among our audiences.

Mobile Apps

With the phenomenal increase in the use of portable devices such as Smartphones and tablets, and with the steady rise in the popularity of applications that cater to a limitless range of uses. Mediamatics is keeping abreast with technological trends in order to come up with useful, timely and valuable applications.

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